UFO Sighting in Dallas, Texas on 2017-06-25 23:30:00 - Observed light in the sky that appeared to be dragging a large dark object

I was walking my dog around 11 pm. i observed a white light that looked like a star in the sky to the east. i realized the light was moving back and forth, east to west very fast and appeared to be slowly moving down. i went inside and got everyone to come out, then we grabbed binoculars. you could see that the light was attached or tethered to something large and shaped like a triangle. the light appeared to drag the triangle across the sky and back again, but it was descending. as is got closer you could see the triangle was big and black like a wing, there was an attachment between it and the light. we watched for an hour. then went inside. i post it on facebook in hopes someone would go outside and see what we were seeing. i got lots of amusing comments but no help. we continued to come back outside wishing someone in our neighborhood would wake up and come see this thing! after 2 hours it had moved directly over our heads. now we are laying in our front lawn sharing the binoculars trying to see what this thing is. we all tried to take video or picture but all you can see the light, not the thing being pulled around. at 2 am another one appeared just like the first one, in the east in approximately the same positions. now we have two! we couldn't believe it. we went through everything it could be, weather balloon, sky diver at night in the city? they were up to high for anything we could think of, so we took another break and went back inside. about an hour later we went back to look again. now there are 4. there are two more. they don't appear to be dragging anything but are much brighter and have the same movement as the first two, the difference being one has a green light and the other a red. the original object has gone way back up where only the light is visible again. we watched until the about 4:30 am. they all shared the same movement. the two with white lights definitely had something attached. i reported it to our local cbs station and received a "we have no idea" response. i would love an explanation! there were 3 of us that witnessed this. i am currently waiting the sun to go down so i can see if they are back!