UFO Sighting in Cushing, Oklahoma on 2017-06-22 07:45:00 - I saw a bright cylindrical tube, no wings or other features. it was a perfect silvery white tube. it made no sound at all and was so fast, that i didn't have time to get my camera for a shot. it had no lights and left no trail.

I was watching the sky at sunset from my porch. i typically see the flights from tulsa or oklahoma city and from our small airport. i know that it wasn't a plane or jet. they always have distinguishing features, lights, and make noise, and leave visible trails. but it was amazingly different. it was so perfectly cigar-shaped and uniform in brightness, probably reflecting the setting sun. there was no cloud cover or wind on the ground. i watched it for a short minute go in a straight line, very fast, from horizon to horizon. it also didn't seem to have the altitude most jets do when they are over our house. it seemed closer.