UFO Sighting in Cumberland City, Tennessee on 2017-06-21 21:30:00 - Ufo ejecting other ufos while camping

My son and i were camping on elk creek in cumberland city, tn and we both witnessed a ufo hoovering above the tree line. it sat there for about 10 seconds and other ufos were ejecting out of the main object every 4 to 5 seconds. this happened 4 times when it first appeared. then the object that was ejecting the others, vanished. ten minutes later, it happened again. except this object ejected 3 other objects and then it vanished. then it took place one last time about 5 minutes later and ejected 4 more objects and then it vanished as well. the objects that were objected, were not floating down, they were moving down like they were going somewhere. then there was a second sighting. i was watching a passenger jet move across the sky, it had the blinking lights and was moving south. then i looked to the left of the jet and observed what i thought was another jet, but this object did not have any blinking lights. it was very bright, looked as if it was a lot lower than the passenger jet. and then, it just vanished as well. this second sighting took place about 30 minutes after the first sighting. no more sightings happened after that. and we were up until 3 a. m.