UFO Sighting in Cuernavaca, Morelos on 2015-12-29 00:00:00 - While moon rises a centipide-dragon like fly over the moon really slow.

I was taking pictures of the full moon from my place to popocatepetl volcano at the east of my location when i notice a centipide-dragon like thing flying from south to north, at 25 miles east of where i was. at first, since it was the 29th of december 2015, i thought it was a china lamp, but as soon it approaches the moon i saw it was something else, at the distance with a naked eye looks like a red/yellow glowing line that ascends and descends in a wave form, almost like a dragon of a chinese parade, but as i saw it thru the camera visor, looks like a centipide (arcade game) a serious of glowing spheres connected by light and moving in an organic way, like if it have life of its own, i mean, no pilots, no alliens, the object appears to be alive itself, as it passes the moon starts to accelerate and then disappear, like that, one second was there, the next dont, this sighting really affect me on the emotional way, i felt fear and amaze of having the experience, after this day the sightings become more frequent but only this one and one on march 2016 make me feel fear. thanks!!