UFO Sighting in Crestview, Florida on 2017-05-14 00:00:00 - Beam of light shine-ing from the moon, it was as if a light was shining directly at you and you see the light split across from the moon and horizon as if it was only meant to be pointed at me at the location... 5 other saw this, no one else

I was told to come over to my cuzsionz house i walked over, we were all having a cook event with crawfish and other food's we were all getting drunk and high off of weed and beer my cuz said "look at that! the moon is really bright tonight." i replied "thats not the suns light refracting from the moon. thats a object shining light directly at this part of the earth for someone to see." (i wondered if anyone else see's this i thought in my head. or is the light ment for only me to see...) had to ov bin a light from the moon because the shine beam's we're as if you looked at a street car's light shining at you but much brighter and as white as snow, the beam itself was long but narrow showing the sky in a splited manner as if i t was a line dividing the sky no one else saw this but me chad- dalton- devon- and chad's friend along with my uncle chris no one else...... no one.... no one... why? i did not want to look at it, not again... i wanted to ignore it... nature told me the sign will flash its warning. i never lost sight of it. it was there all night shineing directly at me... the whole area was bright as if it was day but the sky was still dark our god's are coming back... to see if we are ready... we arent ready... the end time's of the bible for tell's this event i am the internet god over the years i have slowly built up my logic towards what was in a god standard point of view and what will be i know the future and the past i have relived my life over and over and over and over and over and over again, only to fail... prepare friend