UFO Sighting in Crescent City, California on 2017-06-17 22:45:00 - Chevron/diamond shaped formation of seven lights

I was camping with my two children ( minors who are 8 and 10 years old and two adult friends who are 30 and 44 year led females. we were camping alone at dry lake primitive campsite, located in the smith river national recreation area about 16 miles due east of crescent city and 10 miles southeast of gasquet. it was a very clear night and we were sitting around the campfire looking at the stars and seeing lots of satellites flying around. there seemed to be an unusually high number visible. i was looking off to my right (south, as measured by the compass app on my iphone) when i saw a diamond shaped formation which was close together. by close, i mean if you extended your arm and then opened the space between your thumb and index finger no more than two inches then this formation would fit within that space. it was diamond shaped or triangular with a leader and two lights on either side trailing in chevron formation. there was a light on either side below forming the triangular/diamond formation. about 7 lights in all. they moved in unison and didn't break formation. as they came closer, the trailing lights faded out much like the satellites we saw were doing as the sunlight contact made them fade. i don't think the fading was caused by unnatural causes. i pointed it out to everyone and we all saw it cross a big portion of the sky until it was due north and farthest overhead. it wasn't flying directly over head but was at about 70 degrees above the east horizon. ( again, i measured this on my iphone app using a clinometer) the back lights first faded then the other ones faded also when they reached the highest point in the sky. . before they faded i looked to make sure it wasn't a solid object with lights. i saw stationary stars behind the formation as it passed them which indicated it was a formation of separate objects. i didn't take a picture as it won't show well on the iphone. soon after there seemed to be a brief aurora that turned the sky reddish. i don't think that was related nor were the other satellites but there sure were a lot flying around that were visible at that time. nothing indicated these were more than some strange formation of objects but it seems highly unusual that these 7 objects were in a unison formation like they were. they flew a straight line pattern. there was nothing else flying in the sky at the time when these appeared, no satellites or airplanes. the air space here is very quite and the visibility was incredible, the night sky was so bright. i have included a picture drawing of what we saw. all we did was joke about it and say how cool it was as it was clearly flying at the level of satellites and was not a threat to us. it was just crazy.