UFO Sighting in Corpus Christi, Texas on 2017-06-17 04:13:00 - Came outside, looked up to moon, looked away, saw blue circle. turned to, got brighter, then faded

I came outside to smoke a cigarette and to look at the moon and sky. i observed the moon for a few seconds and turned 90 degrees away from the moon. within seconds of turning away i saw a blue light appear in the corner of my left eye. i turned quickly to see,this is back in the same direction as the moon i saw the blue light perfectly and directly in front of me. within a quick second of turning to sew the light i immediately reach into my pocket for my cell phone so i could attempt to film it. at that time i looked down, the time was either 4:13 or 4:16. as soon as i got my camera app opened and pressed record it either disappeared or shrunk in on itself. the light was small at first like twice the size or the size of venus. then it grew about 4 to 5 times the size. since the moon was diagonally down and to the right i was able to get a size comparison. it appeared to be about a 3rd of the size of the moon at its current illumation. it made no sound nor do i believe it shined on anything. it seemed to be pretty high in the sky or a long distance away. it was blue white in that when the light got bigger, the outer light was whiter and the inside still the same color