UFO Sighting in Conway, Arkansas on 2017-06-14 23:30:00 - I've had 35 good ones. i would like to speak with someone about them.

I've been on my porch for most of my best sightings. i usually notice them because they are moving, but not blinking. i guess i thought they could have been government craft. they usually "fly" slow, making minor trajectory changes here and there. sometimes they blink at me when i "speak" to them or mentally acknowledge their presence. i've noticed lately that they will appear seconds after i think about them and react to my words/thoughts. i once saw one 6 or so feet away around lunch time. i almost wrecked my car, i was so in awe. a couple days ago, i requested a "demonstration" from them, and one appeared. i followed it with my new binoculars and it split up into multiple lights before blinking in a strange pattern in the sky. i've also had a "handshake", of sorts. i would really like to speak with someone about my experiences in more detail. dr. greer's ce5 protocols seem to be working for me. also, they have allowed me to introduce certain friends to their beautiful presence. please contact me. i feel a little isolated and would like to speak with someone from mufon. i was hesitant to submit my report because of the obvious dangers, but i have a feeling that these entities have my back, for some reason. please contact me. thank you for listening.