UFO Sighting in Collingwood, Ontario on 2017-06-24 22:45:00 - Zippy white light over georgian bay

On june 24 2017 at approx 10:45pm est, myself and five other family members were out on the patio stargazing when we noticed a very bright white light streaking across a short section of the sky. we were facing north looking out over georgian bay when we first saw the light come from the west. at first we thought it was a shooting star, until it "blinked out," and appeared slightly to the east of where we last saw it. it would repeat this action another 4 or so times, each time heading more eastward, heading directly away from our line of sight. there was a slight "zig zag" when it would appear and disappear, it was not traveling in a perfectly straight line. it was difficult to tell whether it was moving slightly up or down, or left or right because of how fast it was moving. we lost sight of the object as it was heading east towards wasaga beach. it was here where we did not see it come back. overall the entire event lasted 45 seconds or so. the object made zero noise as it moved. there were also no other planes / satellites in the area at the time. the object emitted a very white light, which made it difficult to make out the exact shape and size. at arms length it would appear to be an inch in length. i do not know if this was the size of the object, or if this was then length of the "streak" it was leaving behind. i have been an amateur astronomer / sky watcher since i was a child. i have seen comets, meteors, satellites, the iss etc and i am at a loss to explain what it was exactly what was in the sky.