UFO Sighting in Bibra Lake, Western Australia on 2017-06-21 02:15:00 - Bright white light flooded area. orange glowing object sighted se of house.

About 2.25 am 21june i was awoken by brilliant light in the bedroom. i first thought it was next door rear lights, but too bright. the light went out, but was replaced by a bright orange glow coming from the se of the house. i went in that direction and observed a dumbell shaped light and item in the sky, at around 45 degrees. i looked at it for some minutes but was driven back inside by the heavy rain. i mentioned this to the next door neighbour, but they experienced nothing. there has been no press or tv mention. the object did not move while i was looking toward it. about an hour later the light went out. it was raining heavily throughout the sighting.