UFO Sighting in Beaufort West, Western Cape on 2012-12-16 01:05:00 - Driving from cape town to johannesburg i saw a ufo

I was driving from cape town to johannesburg and was about 50km out of a town called beaufort west when i watched a slow moving object out of my car windscreen slowly light up just on the bottom section looked like a glow but not dim.. as i watched it i immediately knew it was a ufo. i was in awe but also quite afraid when i saw it come to a complete stop when it stopped i noticed a darker section in the middle of the sphere underneath and also noticed what looked like rings moving internally inside the light in different directions and at different rates of speed. i felt afraid but also in awe when suddenly i got a message in my mind to not be afraid and was told that we are you. whether that meant human like me or just from a different time ive never understood.. as i kept driving but at a slow rate of speed i could make a good observation and it was a classic shape but very organic looking with a slight dome on top half which was darker as the only the bottom half was lit up. the next thing as i couldnt take my eyes off the object it just shot up at a massive rate of speed almost straight up but at a slight angle. it was gone.. had i blinked in that split second i would have missed it. it was an amazing experience one i will truly never forget.