UFO Sighting in Barnsley/Sheffield, on 2006-06-01 21:10:00 - Saw object from first floor window on two nights. stayed in same place for 2 + hours both nights

Whilst sitting on bedroom floor as a teen watching tv, i felt drawn to look out of the window, i looked out from my position and saw between my home and my neighblur at 41, an object in the sky, above the roofline. i initially thought this was a helicopter but there was no noise. i looked back after 30 mins, it was still in the same position, i watched for several minutes but it never moved. the object was there for the full 2 hours i was watching tv, it was there the following night too and never seen after. it was dark but from the lights i could make out the shape, similar to a rugby ball. the lights were all different colours, not standard red and white as on aeroplanes. when watching it, it never moved, never bobbed like a helicopter would. i kept feeling drawn to look out of the window. at the time i shrugged it off, scared to think of what it could be. now more matire it has to be reported. i saw it plain as day, was not on any medication and am of sound mind.