UFO Sighting in Aspropirgos, on 2017-06-19 21:45:00 - Two oval shaped (one glowing), one polygonal/multicube shaped and one triangle shaped ufos over aspropyrgos municipal stadium, greece

I was on my way home, after visiting a friend, waiting for the bus. firstly i saw a meteorite sort of object, entering atmosphere and glowing red/orange with a halo around it. then i realized that it was not a meteorite but slowed it's speed down a little. it was a solid object, oval shaped, at steady cruising speed heading south, with a red light, turning into the air as a whole. then, another one oval disc followed but without the initial glowing, doing the same course. also, at the west, another one appeared! it was polygon/multicube shaped, silverish with highly reflective surface, following a descending course down at an angle. many weak red lights on it, almost in every corner of those polygons of it. it seemed to change shape, from being amorphous at start, to multicube and, sort of inflating itself. finally a triangle shaped with dark surface and four lights (one in each corner and another one at the center), followed the other two oval shaped. the triangle one, produced a sound like a small jet. i have to admit, that i saw it cruising with the base of the triangle looking forward and not with the top looking forward. it's very weird all this! many persons there were asking each other, even from apartment balconies, what was going on and how did all those objects appeared. at least 3 families have seen all that. i tried to take a peek at the stadium nearby, if any kid was flying his drone and making fun of us. not a clue! those objects were not drones. i was very scared but curious, too. very mixed up feelings! i finally lost sight of them because they followed the curvature of the earth heading south to the sea, or descended elsewhere. no actual landing took place, from my point of view. i hope for us all to learn more onto that sighting!