UFO Sighting in Aberdeen, Scotland on 2017-06-21 00:00:00 - Took this photo of what i thought was just a beautiful sky, later to find the interesting spheres.

I was out hill walking, saw a interesting sky with the sun shining through the clouds so i took some photos. there was no orbs or objects visible to the naked eye at the time, i only saw them upon viewing the photos later on. there are other photos showing no objects, all taken within a 30 second period. need to zoom in to get full effect. if we say the silhouette in the middle is like a dove created by the suns rays, my finger in the middle is blocking the lens from over exposing. img 0683 - look above my finger 3/4 ways up to see a cylindrical object. track to the right hand corner and you see another one. img 0684 - below my finger in the middle, bottom right, lower left you can see objects like in image 0683. now if you look at let's call it the doves head, the wing and also when zoomed in you can see more of these small white cylindrical type objects all around the silhouette. img 0682 - no cylindrical objects in this one. if you look middle 3/4 way up there is a small black object with 3 edges. i was not so sure about this could be an insect but thought best to attach also to rule out. to describe the experience. i had an interesting moment some few minutes directly before the photos were taken, an interaction with nature, namely butterflies and a raptor. as i walked off after that moment i noticed a beautiful sky so snapped away. nothing noticeable other than the suns rays and an urge to photo it. if the photo analysis is intriguing then i would happily expand as the story could go deeper in meaning but i won't go too far just now as this is an open forum. i welcome and look forward to your analysis.