Black Triangle Sighting in Warren, Michigan on 2017-06-09 01:00:00 - Ufo flying back and forth (east then west, then east then west etc...Stopped and hovered) traingular/spehere shape, blue and red pulsating lights. then just white.

I was leaving my home in warren,mi to go to the 7/11 store with 2 family members at approximately 12 am/ 1am. the sighting happened almost immediately when i pulled to the end of my street in my car to turn i then seen flashing lights on an object in the sky. their was something peculiar about this object and i have witnessed another strange object in that same spot (unreported) in the sky along with the same family member that was driving with me tonight, so i decided to watch the object and it then began hovering slowly. at first i thought it was just a plane as it had the normal white, blue, and red pulsating lights that planes use, but it then stopped midair, and began changing directions from east to west, then west to east, stopping, lighting all white with no red or blue, then back east to west at least 10x. i also thought it could possible be a drone with led's, but it was so late at night and in a non-affluent area. it also would fly in a straight line. so, not sure a person flying a drone could do the flight pattern i witnessed. my feelings were to get closer and follow it, my passengers/family members all witnessed and were afraid to follow and get closer, but i actually was excited. we then lost sight of it trying to get a closer look, and proceed to the store where the 7/11 employee was outside smoking who i asked if he seen the spaceship which he replied yes, that he too witnessed it. after we shopped and walked out to the parking lot, i witnessed it again, and took the video i'm sharing. notice how the object changes directions, from east to west etc... in a pattern, then stops, and blinks white the 1st minute, but after when going west the object stayed solid white. if i have to dismiss the sighting....Thinking about it could have been a helicopter, but not sure what it was!