Black Triangle Sighting in Blue Springs, Missouri on 2017-06-14 20:00:00 - Looked like blue beam from ground to sky up as far as i could see.

While driving home approx 800 pm on june 14th on or about 50 hwy and 7 hwy outside of blue springs and lee's summit missouri. i observed a blue beam of light going perpendicularin the sky.It was there my entire ride home as i live in a rural area. i decided to send this after a story popped up on my facebook thread this morning, after i saw the location. my experience happened within 20 miles of the cigar shaped object seen on the 19 of june in blue springs missouri.It stayed the same my entire drive home. i was driving alone at the time and i took the pic while driving down the hwy.I was completely in awe as i am always watching the sky. i saw a ufo about 5 years ago in the lone jack area at 11 at night but was unable to take a pic when i turned around it was gone. after taking a few pics i had to turn off hwy and went home. by this time it was getting dark. it was not there the next morning.