Alien Encounter in Louisiana on 2013-10-15 00:00:00 - Tall lady shoes legings skit all same material with multicolored shall black eyes big nose whit skin tan

Me and my wife were driving from arkansas to texas to pick up my wife's mom. we were almost to texas when we both needed to pee really bad so we stopped in a loves truck stop. we went in and were heading to the bathrooms we started down an isle there was what appeared to be a tall lady with grey shoes greay legings gray skirt, and a shall around here face very tight. her eyes were very dark here skin was almost white. she was facing the rack not moving at all starring straight ahead. her shoes legings and skirt were made of the same material here shall was of designs i have never seen. my wife and i stopped emedietly and went to another isle headed to the bathroom. i have a photographic memory. i peed really quick and cam out fast, my wife came out fast to see her but she was gone in four minutes. while is was in at the isle i felt as if she was trying to get in my head. she couldn't. a long time ago somthing tried to get into my thoughts but i stopped them. this sound crazy. we do have many things 30 40 feet over our heads at home we have also got pics of their ship small ones over my boat it looks like a flying saucers orange balls of light and white balls of light. sean multifaceted ships all mak no noise. also seen what looked like a hole in the sky that was open. most of this i saw when i was younger in cali, ark. never saw that lady again i walked fast threw the hole store and outside we couldn't find her. her body type was like the phereo from egypt and here nose was very big with a crook in it bent like a witches nose from holoween. there here with us.