Zenhachi's Unhappy Grandson: A Story Of Reincarnation From 19th Century Japan - Bizarre and Grotesque

Tristan Shaw serves up a sweet, supernatural story where an act of kindness becomes an invitation to join a picture framer's family. While those two lives were connected by similar amulets, Chris Woodyard's learned of the lengths some Victorians would go to in hopes of avoiding the long arm of the law. Artists of yore were paid a pretty penny when Supplying Dead Ringers. Not everyone has the luxury of faking their demise, but they insist on going out in style according to Brent Swancer's Weird Cases Of Sudden Bizarre Behavior That Lead To Mysterious Vanishings And Deaths. Brimming with conspiracy, paranoia, insanity, and high strangeness, this is the perfect Mother's Day gift for the weirdo who has everything. (CS)

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