Witness Says Deer Noticed Two Hovering Objects Nearby - Open Minds

What makes this 12 a.m. March 25th California report interesting is the witness' claim that a deer seemed aware of two relatively small cylindrical objects that hovered and pulsated. The imputed unconcern of a "prey animal" is intriguing. The lack of distance and other data is frustrating, and hopefully more information can be teased out of this sighting by the local MUFON Section Director. Elsewhere, Inexplicata provides two short Hispanic pieces for us. Argentina: UFO over Merlo has an absolutely gorgeous sunset photo that, as so often, generated an after-the-fact witness question. It's uncertain whether the diminutive "blip" on the image will be further analyzed. Rather more interesting is the "flying pistachio nut" imaged in Mexico: UFO over Culhuacan. There is a back story to this, but we couldn't access the video and its accompanying interviews. (WM)

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