What Causes That Feeling Of Being Watched? - BBC

This question was first explored by psychologist Edward B. Titchener in 1898 and most recently since the 1908s by Rupert Sheldrake. Now we may have an answer. It's possibly the amygdala, according to a recent study in Switzerland. This area of the brain is thought to process "emotions and information about faces" and in one unusual case, the brain of a stroke patient who was "cortically blind" could detect images of faces that his eyes could not see. A strange quirk of logic may be responsible for Supernatural Staffordshire: Ghost at pub was as real as "man on the moon." Damon Simms insists that if we believe that man walked on the moon, then we should believe in the paranormal because it's "real. That's a fact" and offers as support an un-referenced story about a bartender and his girlfriend who saw a "vanishing old lady." Alas, unlike the moon landing, it wasn't broadcast worldwide, so we'll have to take his word for it. (LP)

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