Trail Cam Photographs Ghost Girl? - Coast to Coast

Recently property owners in Cambridge, New York, examined images taken by their trail camera only to discover a most disturbing snapshot. A young female child was captured within an image, appearing to be playing happily. Alone. In the middle of nowhere, essentially. Concerned, the property owners turned the photo over to the police lest the child be lost or worse. Chillingly, neither the police nor anyone in the town could identify the little girl. The police are insistent the photograph is genuine, so either there is a spooky ghost child wandering the woods of New York state, or the trail camera somehow caught a glimpse into a doorway to somewhere else. Or there's an insane person posing as a child dancing in the woods for trail cameras. UPDATE: Mysterious photo of little girl in Cambridge is not a spirit. This next story, Haunted House Hunting with Mrs. Butler is far less disturbing but highly intriguing. Esoterx, in his typical fashion of social commentary, provides a story which demonstrates there may be another explanation for ghostly hauntings and that perhaps the true person is the etheric one within. And then we move on to the sad tale of The Algonquin Hotel & The Haunted Bride, where the halls of the great inn were frequented by the weeping spirit of a desolate bride. The hotel is still in operation as a resort, and the reports of a ghostly apparition persist, so if you're inclined, you can check it out for yourself. (CM)

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