Tim Dinsdale Prepares His First Book - Loch Ness Mystery

Nessie enthusiasts will probably like this little tidbit provided by Glasgow Boy, which reproduces a typed letter from author Tim Dinsdale to Herman Cockrell in 1961, asking for "permission to reproduce his classic 1958" photo in his then forthcoming book Loch Ness Monster. The letter was obtained from Cockrell's son and it seems there's more material from that source yet to be examined. Switching cryptids, locations, and books, Peter Rogerson goes Into the Magic Forest with his review of Lyle Blackburn's new book, Beyond Boggy Creek: In Search of The Southern Sasquatch."The sheer ubiquity of such reports, with never a body, never any really conclusive evidence, suggests that we are not dealing with 'real' paws and pelts animals here," says Rogerson, but the forest of the fairy tale. At least he liked the "very evocative landscape photographs by the author"! (LP, PH)

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