The Yara-Ma-Yha-Who - ShukerNature

Australia's most feared supernatural entity, the Yara-Ma-Yha-Who (don't try shouting that if you're calling out for help--you'll never get the words out of your mouth) may actually be grounded in reality. There apparently lives a small, nocturnal and carnivorous primate with enormous, goblinesque eyes and sticky fingers. And carnivorous. Yes, we know we've said that twice. But doesn't the thought of strange little beasties jumping their prey in the jungle and eating them alive bring to mind images of Jurassic Park II and the "friendly" little dinosaurs that made a meal of an unidentified child in the opening scene? Creepy, yes? Perhaps not as creepy as yet another story out of Chicago of a giant bird-like creature: 'Bat out of Hell' Witnessed by Father & Son - Little Calumet River in Chicago. A couple of fishermen witnessed an enormous black creature break from the trees and fly up and over a nearby trestle bridge, giving some perspective for wing span measurement of about 10 feet. Considering the number of human-sized winged-creatures spotted in the area lately, one has to wonder if they are a harbinger of some sort. And that's never a good feeling. (CM)

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