The Woman with a Strange 'Second Sight' - BBC

A Scottish woman who has been blind since her twenties is astounding doctors with her uncanny ability to find her way around and through her surroundings unaided. Admitting she can get in her own way by thinking about it too much, Milina Cunning has proven there is much more to "sight" than functioning eyes. It makes sense, really, considering some people are quite gifted at Accessing an Omnipresent Unlimited Information Source through Tarot Cards. Mark Russell Bell attempts to make sense of a divination method that his late mother took comfort in during her latter years, demonstrating that a large degree of predictability in life is dependent on getting out of our own way and clearing out any preconceived ideas. And finally, Our man Flint, direct-voice medium Leslie Flint to be precise, is the focus of an out-of-print book Michael Prescott recently obtained in an effort to determine for himself if Flint was genuine, or a genuine fraud. Described by some as the "gold standard of postmortem messaging," Prescott is none too ready to accept this conclusion outright but remains intrigued--a true fortean quality. (CM)

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