The UFO/Paranormal Coup - The Numinous Den

Jeff Ritzmann uses an October 2016 paper by UFO writer Michael Huntington as a springboard for discussing not only what's wrong with ufology today, but why he (Ritzmann) believes it's nearly an irreparable situation. Ritzmann has much to say about the general "liminality" of paranormal events, and why they are not amenable to standard scientific procedure. Money, popular culture's shallow expectations of "entertainment," and the general lack of critical thinking are themes explicitly and implicitly coursing through this article. The question of delineating UFOs from other paranormal phenomena is dealt with; instructive here may be Stan Gordon's research supporting a UFO-Bigfoot connection that he (and we) hadn't much entertained. Ritzmann's opinion that researchers should "stop pursuing an 'end' or resolution of the problem" is worth pondering. (WM)

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