The UFO Next Door - High Strangeness

Mark O'Connell tells a low-key but slightly creepy UFO story recently related to him. During the process, he notes a recurrent theme in such accounts, the phrase "We fell asleep and in the morning it was gone." Says Mark: "It makes absolutely no sense that a person would fall fast asleep immediately after having a terrifying experience..." In New Phoenix Lights Incident? Multiple People Report Seeing Bizarre UFOs over Florida the Express' Jon Austin relays that Peter Davenport's National UFO Reporting Center got "Approximately a dozen high-quality sighting reports" from multiple witnesses and locations in Florida around midnight last April 25th. The hype about the Phoenix Lights redivivi aside, note the variety of descriptions of what was seen. Austin has another post with the even more lurid title Astonishing Claim: Aliens EXIST and Give "First Ever Interviews about Why They Abduct Us". It's worth staying in touch with how similar present "contactee" stories are with those of the 50s and 60s. How can contactee claimants be so sure that their "communicators" are extraterrestrial and not from some other location in or outside of this dimension/frequency/multiverse/Great Unconscious? And, accepting for the sake of the argument that such communications come from outside a person's psyche, we generally don't fully trust certain human communicators--say politicians, for one example--so why should we implicitly credit the good faith of all non-human entities? (WM)

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