The Mystery Monster of Japan's Far North - Mysterious Universe

Lots to get through in today's cryptid round-up, kicking off with Japan's rival to Nessie, which is thought to be a giant red octopus, while over in Africa the locals have to contend with Gustave; Killer of the Burundi, a giant crocodile, which happens to be real and deadly. Across the globe in the USA, Jason Offutt has been Exploring American Monsters: [in] Wisconsin, a state famous for dairy rather than scary, but it seems to have an abundance of strange creatures frightening enough to curdle the milk. Then there's the Burbank Bat Light, which isn't an old Ed Wood film, but a fiery "spook" seen flying high and low along the roads in 1891. Chris Woodyard want to know more about it. And finally, we have Linda Godfrey's book reviews of Two Goulish Gems which between them take a look at a wide variety of cryptids, including werewolves and Bigfoot. (LP)

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