The Mother of the Water: In Search of Percy Fawcett’s ‘Monster’ Anaconda - Mysterious Universe

British explorer Colonel Percy Fawcett might go down in the history books as the worst expedition planner ever. In 1925, accompanied by only his son and one other young traveler, Fawcett ventured into the Amazon Jungle in search of the mysterious Lost City of Z. Filing no details back home regarding the travel route (the better to keep his finds all to himself), the team of three vanished several days into the journey. But the mystery didn't end there. Since that time there has been speculation that a giant anaconda made meals of the intrepid explorers, inspiring a hunt that could stand up to those for Bigfoot or Nessie. Truth is, people are always hungry for a strange tale, a mystery, conspiracy, or supernatural story. The Coalville Lioness, as relayed by Dr. Beachcombing, takes place in 1923 England where strange nighttime sounds emanating from countryside wildlife resulted in reports of monsters and spooks. While no traces of mysterious or frightening creatures were ever found, the story still made the National News, demonstrating just how desperately the population wanted something to be excited about. (CM)

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