The Misuse or Non-use of Urtext in Ufology - UFO Conjectures

This is one of the most important posts we've read in a long time, and anyone serious about ufology should read and reflect upon it. Those who have self-assumed the title of "researcher" would do well to copy it--with appropriate attribution--and keep it for future reference. Rich Reynolds has hit squarely upon a fundamental tenet of real research and weakness of ufology. While Rich here primarily alludes to how witness recollections may change over time within their minds and the mutations caused by investigators, we would extend what is implicit in Rich's discussion, that going back, as far as possible, to the "original" or "primary" source applies to all types of research. Thus, a stunning weakness of too many "Ancient Astronaut" books is their copying their own and each other's erroneous, unattributed "facts" which, if successfully backtracked by real researchers, are found to be tendentious. Rich's last three paragraphs in this post are frank, pithy, and frankly completely on target. (WM)

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