The Fairy in the Box - Haunted Ohio

Chris Woodyard takes a look back to Edwardian lady novelist Florence L Barclay whose talents included interaction with charming "Little People" who, in an almost Disney-esque fashion, would nightly float around her bedroom ceiling. But to her dismay, none of these fairy-folk could be captured. Chris wants to hear more of similar stories. And what of William Blake and Bruno's Fairies? Dr Beach is intrigued by Blake's reference to such in a letter from 1800 and thinks Bruno was probably his sturdy steed. But if you know of "any other Bruno's for the fairies," contact the good Doctor. As to early Nessie references, Glasgow Boy has found An Interesting eBay Item (Secret of the Loch), which was edited in 1934 by David Lean. If anyone wants to purchase this "collection of old 9.5mm reels" showing this famous film, now's your chance. (LP)

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