Strange Military Encounters With The Jinn - Mysterious Universe

With the perpetual American war in the mideast pitting soldiers against a faceless and stateless enemy, it's no surprise our men and women are encountering the local otherworldly beings. If you only read one thing today, make it Brent Swancer's anthology of djinn tales which are equal parts terrifying and alien. If the pictures accompanying Brent's piece don't spark your imagination, perhaps you'll be intrigued by this Ancient Tomb With 'Blue Monster' Mural Discovered In China. According to Owen Jarus it's a repesentation of the Master of the Wind, but it wouldn't be so farfetch'd to believe it's a djinn. Speaking of war, what if Putin decides to pull the plug on his recently-elected puppet government and precipitates a Red Dawn-style invasion? What supernatural resistance will the Russkies encounter? Greys, 'squatches, and black eyed kids are just the beginning. That's a segue if I ever wrote one for Micah Hanks's Eerie Mugshot Of "Black Eyed" Offender that's still going viral. Word to the wise: Friends don't let friends get scleral tattoos. As the red tide struggles to establish itself, New Jersey will remain a freehold amidst the occupied states thanks to the thirteenth child of Mother Leeds. Lon Strickler's caught wind of a Bizarre Motor Vehicle Incident In Galloway Township proving the Jersey Devil still haunts the Barrens. (CS)

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