Strange Lights and Clouds Over the Philippines and Norway - Mysterious Universe

The skies over Pagadian City in the Philippines recently were resplendent with color, the result of an ice halo that painted an enormous chunk of sky with rainbows. Less easy to explain was the ball of light seen by a researcher at Norway’s Østfold University College back in September, 2015. Finally a statement has been made at the geological congress for the European Geosciences Union in Vienna, with officials concluding with a 95% certainty that the anomaly was a Hessdalen Phenomenon or UAP – Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon. Not the sort of definitive explanation we were looking for, but sometimes truth defies reason: ‘Jesus’ Appears Over Landslide-Stricken Colombian City. While being discounted as a weather phenomenon, locals nonetheless are saying amongst themselves that the "quasi-humanoid" shaped beam of light was a sign from God. We hope they are right. (CM)

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