South Carolina Mystery Boom May Be Legendary ‘Seneca Guns’ - Mysterious Universe

As reports of strange booms and sky noises continue to increase around the world, we bring what might be a comforting message to those of you who think these sounds are harbingers of The End, or proof of conspiracy. Reports of similar racket can be traced back as early as the 1800s, at which time the mysterious noise was given the moniker "Seneca Guns." No one could figure out the source then either, although it certainly caused some alarm. Speaking of causing alarm in South Carolina...Shoe With Severed Foot Inside Appears on Dock in South Carolina. Authorities speculate the appendage could have become dismembered from an already dead body in the water (and washed up on the dock), or it could be grotesque calling card for a new killer on the loose. Here's what we do know: we will not be taking a stroll on any boardwalks in South Carolina anytime soon. (CM)

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