Solving The Fermi Paradox: Could Advanced Aliens Be Lovecraftian 'Old Ones', Sleeping Through Eons? - Daily Grail

"Where is everyone?" The answer, aAccording to a new paper put out by Oxford (yes that Oxford) they're on ice 'til the younger races can catch up. As a bonus, Greg Taylor contributes "aestivation" to our vocabulary and it's not the title of a Tool album. Not everyone is so optimistic, like Ridley Scott who's shilling the latest installment in the threadbare Aliens franchise. If you thought messing with Texas was bad, Don't Mess With Aliens nor Alejandro Rojas who's itchin' to pop some xeno right between its... well... I think they're eyes. On the other side of the coin, Lewis Dartnell wonders Why Would Aliens Even Bother With Earth? He makes several good points playing on science fiction tropes, but the omission of our hubris is glaring. (CS)

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