Scientist Bursts Bermuda Triangle Methane Bubble Theory - Mysterious Universe

While this will no doubt spur an onslaught of flatulence jokes, Helen Czerski from University College London has disproven the theory that the Bermuda Triangle mystery is a result of methane bubbles either knocking planes out of the sky or sinking ships. Admittedly there are hundreds of other theories that need studying, but at least we can now conclusively say the methane theory stinks. And while we're busy discrediting theories of modern mysteries, Kevin Randle shares his thoughts on The Mystery of Oak Island Solved by Joy Steele. Long believed to be the home of treasure, aka a money pit, Kevin presents a case for the manufacture of the story as a deliberate means of attracting new settlers. Never one to back down from a debate though, he invites readers to examine Joy Steele's take on what the depths of the island are hiding. (CM)

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