Roswell and Mogul--The Memories of Charles B. Moore (Part 1) - Journal of a UFO Investigator

David Halperin notes inconsistencies in the memories of a "star witness for the skeptical orthodoxy about Roswell." Atmospheric physicist Charles B. Moore, who would have his own dramatic UFO sighting on April 24, 1949, has a "distinct memory" of 1947 that demonstrates the same inconsistencies that have caused Kevin Randle to "sour" on nearly all of the more dramatic witness accounts of whatever occurred in June/July of 1947 near and at the then-world's only operational strategic nuclear base. This seems an effective challenge to Moore's testimony, though it doesn't tip the scales completely against a possible balloon explanation for the Roswell debris. We look forward to Halperin's next installment, which will deal with the matter of the famous "pink and purple flowered tape." (WM)

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