Private Plane Carrying New York Family Missing In Bermuda Triangle Region - Yahoo News

Yes, it's all over the mainstream news. A private plane has disappeared off the radar near The Bahamas. The Bermuda Triangle strikes again? We'll see. Debris has been located, apparently. Elsewhere we have a mystery triangle of a different sort in The Mysterious Disappearances of Ireland's Vanishing Triangle. Brent Swancer looks back to the 1990s when a number of women went missing within an area dubbed as the "Vanishing Triangle," generally used to denote an area that stretched from Wexford in the south to Louth in the north and to Offaly in the west. Some disappeared from their homes, others from the streets and highways, but their fate remains unknown. Accusations of police incompetence, cover-up, and IRA involvement are among theories which seem to have offered leads but no evidence. (PH, LP)

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