Popular UFO Sightings Daily Website to Go Dormant - Chron

Craig Hlavaty reports that Scott C. Waring will no longer post on his seven-year-old UFO Sightings Daily site, because it's strayed from an educational to entertainment outlet, and he's tired of the resultant ridicule. On the site you can, for instance, access 231 images of purported "Moon Buildings," numerous photos of "Alien Faces," and what appears to be Waring's entire book UFO Sightings of 2006-2009, if the red-and-green text and images of Martian squirrels, rats, monkeys, hand guns, and former President Obama in the margins don't grab your attention away. The attributions are, to be most excessively charitable, "super-creative," and what value may lie in some of the text accounts of sightings seems obscured by such noise. (WM)

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