People are Seeing UFOs Everywhere, and This Book Proves It - KHOU

Houston Texas Meteorologist Brooks Garner has provided an excellent article and "cheat sheet" against which his readers should check odd aerial phenomena personally or on film to isolate those events that may truly be worthy of closer attention by investigators. His characterization of the Mutual UFO Network as "a venerable, science-based organization that's been debunking UFO sightings since the late 60s" is interesting. Especially so when considered against Hangar 1 and the Roswell Case. Kevin Randle is steamed at the weaknesses in the MUFON-supported television series and in particular its treatment of the Roswell Crash story. He gives chapter and verse here from his special background and his two summary sentences are concise, cutting, and perhaps hard to refute. MUFON should reassess the congruence between its mission statement and some of its projects. (WM)

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