Pair of Strange Talking Bigfoot Reported in Malaysia - Mysterious Universe

Oh Malaysia, we know you are famous for your abundant wildlife, but this wasn't what the brochures were talking about. Seems a pair of hairy beings have been addressing villagers on one of the islands by name, causing the named to become ill with fever. Those who don't become ill are forced to fend off unwanted advances by these horny hominids. Sounds to us like a prank put on by someone familiar with the Malaysian culture, but there's nothing funny about frightening people so badly they become ill...and they should keep their hands to themselves. A similar though less malicious type of story can be found in Maine Mysteries: The Durham Gorilla, where in the 1970s residents of rural Durham, Maine, reported seeing a being that intermittently walked on all fours or upright, with a hairy body and a monkey face. But it wasn't interested in getting to know the local women better, and it wasn't terribly long before the creature disappeared, lending some credence to the theory that it was an escaped zoo animal or pet. A more sinister presence is making itself known in Central America, where Chupacabra Blamed For Mysterious Animal Deaths in Honduras. It's anyone's guess what or who the culprit may be, tearing out the hearts and anuses of its livestock victims and sucking their blood. We would personally prefer it be a Chupacabra than a human being though--a cryptid is one thing, but a flesh tearing maniac human is far more terrifying than anything we've come across in this line of work. (CM)

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