Nick Redfern's New Roswell Book--a "Review" - UFO Conjectures

Rich Reynolds has procured a copy of Nick Redfern's new book The Roswell UFO Conspiracy and he seems bowled over by it. Whether this Redfern work combined with his controversial 2005 book Body Snatchers in the Desert constitute the proverbial "nail in the coffin" of a Roswell ET explanation doesn't come through from this particular post. But Rich promises more "supplements" to this first brief "review," but what he does say here is a good promo for the book. Nick's tackled another iconic UFO case in UFOs & Plans for Prison Evacuations. Here he tries to piece together information about the near-evacuation of some English prisons in December 1980 "at the height of the incidents which went down in Rendlesham Forest." Nailing down a possible connection here could very well shed further light on "Britain's Roswell." (WM)

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