New Historical Photo of Tasmanian Tiger and Her Pups Found - Mysterious Universe

A photograph of a Thylacine mama and her pups, dating back to 1923, has recently been made available by the granddaughter of the man who allegedly caught the tiger family just a few short years before their declared extinction. Why the interest in a nearly 100-year-old photograph? As Chris Rehberg from the website Where Light Meets Dark reminds us, in order to positively identify any non-extinct Tasmanian tigers, it would be helpful to know what they actually looked like. This is why there is such a demand for Some Game Camera Pictures of Nessie. Glasgow Boy is utilizing the technology to its fullest advantage, setting up additional cameras on Loch Ness and making use of their sensitivity settings so that only reasonably detailed photos are taken. How we wish cryptid creatures were not so darn...cryptic. (CM)

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