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Looks like Saint George didn't slay all the dragons if this curious encounter from 1906 is to be believed. Even if you don't, Nick Redfern's found a light bit of fun for your Sunday morning and we're pleased as punch to share. Feel fortunate that specimen could just fly, rather than rain fire from the heavens since Nick knows Where There's Smoke, There Are Monsters - And Fire. What better way to find our elusive cousins, or eliminate them as competition, than by smoking them out of house and home. Perhaps that's how H. floresiensis met their fates. From another bald British ex-patriate, Dr. Karl Shuker, has an unexpected cryptozoological tale involving a celebrity. Moby Dick's Herman Melville Encountered A Polynesian Mystery Cat, but is it a whale of a tale? There are no indigenous big cats in Polynesia, but mainstream biologists have been wrong in the past. (CS)

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