Monte Shriver (Aztec UFO Crash) - A Different Perspective

As sometimes happens with a stubborn weed, the story of a retrieval of a "crashed" UFO and crew in 1948 New Mexico keeps cropping up in ufology. If you're not familiar with this one, a quick internet search will help you understand the surprising genesis and background to this worthwhile conversation between host Kevin Randle and former Aztec resident Monte Shriver. Shriver never even heard of the event until more than 50 years after it supposedly happened. He secured copies of the three books written on the subject and very quickly recognized variations between the authors, and numerous errors in time and place. Kevin Randle has always suspected the story, but his perspective has been more directly upon the veracity of those who have come forward claiming to be "witnesses" to some of the events, and the lack of documentation. When combined, Randle's and Shriver's points cover much of what should be involved in ufological history writing. Speaking of documentation, Jack Brewer gives a status report on his search for such in DoJ Responds to FOIA Appeal, Directs FBI to Search Further for Lash Files. Whether the strange death and even stranger background activities of Jeffrey Alan Lash have more than a tenuous connection to ufology, reading this short post and then following its link to the 2015 post Brewer did on the "Lash case" will likely enmesh you for some time in a surpassingly bizarre story. (WM)

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