Lance Moody Interview - A Different Perspective

Kevin Randle chats with film editor, animator, and general paranormal arch-skeptic Lance Moody about his reasoned conversion to his current position. There's some interesting material here and no one can contradict Lance's contentions that lack of critical thinking in ufology as elsewhere is a positive detriment to the field, and that skepticism should always be the default position, the "null hypothesis" against which real evidence must be accrued before entertaining extramundane explanations for ambiguous data. There's also some good points about the foibles of witness perception, and understanding that peoples' belief structures affect their perceptions. Lance acknowledges that some of his online comments against others' positions voiced by others cross the line of the social graces, due to the "undeniable mean streak that I have." Rational arguments might be better received, if not by the "woo-woo" type of ufological crowd, but by many of more moderate stripe, as well as the "nonaligned" reader, were they not couched in such a way that the discussant had to perform an act of self-abasement to agree with them. Roswell, of course, comes into play, and Kevin has more to say about this in Cosmic Whistleblowers--Simon Sharman. Kevin admittedly is "beating the dead horse here," but drives home the point that a "UFO believer" belief structure can blind many people against solid, plausible explanations. The result is that "we know the moon landings were hoaxed, the Bermuda Triangle is dangerous and the Cardiff giant is real." As well as some of the topics mentioned in the advertising breaks to Kevin's radio podcast? (WM)

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