Joy Lin Didn't Go Looking For Spirit Communication, But When They Came She Answered - Skeptiko

Some are called to greatness, while others have it thrust upon them like Alex Tsakiris's most recent podcast guest. Joy went from a strict materialist engineer to hearing spirits, and Alex shares her journey and astonishing experiences. Just wish Alex would make the full recording available alongside the edited version for the sake of curiosity and to silence those arguing Skeptiko cherry-picks content. Also following the data, where ever it may lead, is Nick Redfern who's concerned with The Paranormal: Facts, Evidence, And Proof. Many do believe, but what's their basis for belief? If there is evidence then belief would become science and, Q.E.D., no longer paranormal. It'd be interesting to see what happens when science becomes belief. Oh wait, that already happens with positivism and scientism! But what about mainstream Journalists On The Paranormal? Happily Peter Rogerson pulls no punches when it comes to Jacobsen's controversial Phenomena nor with Leslie Kean's Surviving Death, but try not to complain when you discover the targets of his exquisite barbs. (CS)

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