Jan Harzan Interview - A Different Perspective

Kevin Randle's interview with MUFON Executive Director Jan Harzan covered Jan's personal sighting at age 10 that spurred a developing active interest in space travel, Jan's "take" on the nature of the "unidentifieds" in the MUFON CMS database, and the controversial and flawed TV program "Hangar One." In discussing a 2013 Ontario, Canada case, Kevin rightly notes that when a witness requires anonymity, this does affect how particularly those outside an investigation can evaluate it. However, the promise of witness confidentiality where requested is a fundamental tenet of such investigations and its breach is unethical. MUFON Director of Research Robert Powell met with the witness, and we would take Robert's judgment of the main witness in this case "to the bank." Kevin could have spent more time probing the Hanger One relationship, the speaker's roster and theme for the upcoming MUFON Symposium, and MUFON's recent connection with the "red carpet premiere of Unacknowledged," Dr. Steven Greer's latest film. (WM)

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