Is Nessie Back? - Loch Ness Mystery

We get the feeling that the universe likes to play. No sooner have headlines like this appeared--Nessie, Phone Home! Sightings Group Says Loch Ness Monster is on Hiatus--that we hear of the first sighting of the creature in eight months. And not just a sighting, but a photo, which shows...a dark shape. Admittedly, it's not much to pin one's hopes on. In Nessie: The Controversy of the Lack of Sightings, Nick Redfern raises a good point. If Nessies are actually giant eels, you wouldn't expect to see them on the surface very often as they tend to live on or close to a lake bottom. And finally, if you as captivated by the beauty of Loch Ness itself as by its purported inhabitants, you might be interested in perusing Some Old Loch Ness Paintings which may or may not still be available on eBay. But be warned: there's not a Nessie in sight. (PH)

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