Human Singularities: The Case of Arigo - Consciousness Unbound

Philosopher Michael Grosso delves into the subject of human superheroes, or "Singularities," those instances of rare magnificence within the human species that set the individuals apart from all others. While Grosso cannot say if these cases are the beginnings of a greater evolution or simply one-offs, he sees them as a closer step to perfection, an intentional departure in the human design of what we have come to know as homo sapiens. Grosso refers us to the illustration of one of these occurrences in John Fuller̢۪s Arigo: Surgeon of the Rusty Knife, wherein a man without discernible skill acquired within a moment the talent of an expert surgeon and the miraculous healing abilities of a Master. Or in Grosso's words "a person whose life has features that point to new dimensions of function, of being, and of value." (CM)

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