How to Photograph UFOs According to the US Military - Mysterious Universe

MJ Banias reports on Paul Dean's Freedom of Information Act research into military records, here focussing upon directives for photographing UFOs. Now, such directives are a small portion of a set of directives for creating and handling visual records in general and may simply be viewed as the Department of Defense "covering all the bases." (See the Comment for a correction.) What seems most important in this next Savannah, Georgia, report is not that the Witness Says Hovering Triangles were 'Enormous'. If we understand this correctly, the two "craft" were "perpendicular to the ground"--in other words, for each "the widest part of the triangle was closest to the ground with the top pointing upward." The sighting took place at 9:45 p.m. on April 25, with two brief components, so it's hard to eliminate the vagaries of perception in this one. (WM)

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